Illinois still accepting applications for Fall 2018

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign sent us an email today to say they are still accepting applications for Fall 2018.  Although they have closed a select number of programs, others are still open.  Apply at as soon as possible.


Transfer Fair this Wednesday!

We have a great Transfer Fair planned for you this Wednesday which includes the most popular transfer destination schools for ECC students.  Check out this list of schools and then check them out at their tables by the cafe here on Wednesday between 10 and and 1 pm.  For help figuring out what questions to... Continue Reading →

The U.S. needs tradespeople

Here is a great piece about the need for more people to work in the trades: After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, the U.S. needs tradespeople. ECC has many programs that provide both short-term and  longer term (2 years) training for many different trades. Check out our list of career programs here.  if you’re interested in these... Continue Reading →

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