Taking notes

School starts in two days! Here is an interesting story I heard recently about the importance of handwriting your notes rather than typing them: You remember things better when you write them down.So if you're dreaming of a laptop, save your money and buy a nice pen or pencil and notebook! See you next week!

ISU and UIC Campus Tours

This fall our Transfer Director Sean Jensen will take groups of interested students to visit various colleges in Illinois.  So far we have confirmed dates for visits to Illinois State University on Friday, October 13th and University of Illinois-Chicago on Friday, October 27th.  These visits typically include a campus tour and presentation by their Admissions... Continue Reading →

Free Time Management Class!

ECC now has a self-guided online workshop for improving your time management skills. It covers such topics as goal-setting, calculating your use of time, building effective schedules and creating useful to-do lists.  You can enroll yourself now at the Registration Office in B105.  The summer course is GSS 101-200 and the fall course is GSS... Continue Reading →

Wow, just wow

This is a great story of a young woman getting her college degree despite a lot of obstacles. Dominican University grad Cristal Ortega's story is truly inspirational. First to graduate college 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trip to University of Illinois

Transfer services took six ECC students to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign today for a talk by Admissions representative Ms. Casey McFadden and a cold but sunny tour of the campus by a student guide. Our students got to see a typical day on campus, classes in progress, and a dorm room and residence hall.... Continue Reading →

Summer and Fall schedules are out!

You can now view the summer and fall schedules on ECC's website!  So start planning your perfect schedule and remember to register the week of April 10th before it opens to the public.  You can usually get the courses you want at the times you want if you register during that first week, and payment... Continue Reading →

Pharmacy Schools

I went to a Pre-Pharmacy college fair last week and learned a few things.... There are seven pharmacy schools in or very close to Illinois: Chicago State University (Chicago) Midwestern University (Downers Grove) Roosevelt University (Schaumburg) Rosalind Franklin University (Waukegan) Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (Edwardsville) St. Louis College of Pharmacy (St. Louis, Missouri) University of Illinois... Continue Reading →

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