Empowerment Series

Our Wellness Specialists are offering a  series of sessions designed to empower you. They will be on Wednesdays from September 13th until October 25th. Contact them at studentwellness@elgin.edu for more information.


Taking notes

School starts in two days! Here is an interesting story I heard recently about the importance of hand-writing your notes rather than typing them: You remember things better when you write them down. So if you're dreaming of a laptop, save your money and buy a nice pen or pencil and notebook! See you next... Continue Reading →

Campus Tours to ISU, UIC and UIUC

This fall our Transfer Director Sean Jensen will take groups of interested students to visit various colleges in Illinois.  So far we have confirmed dates for visits to: Illinois State University on Friday, October 13th, University of Illinois-Chicago on Friday, October 27th University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign on Friday, November 3rd. These visits typically include a... Continue Reading →

Free Time Management Class!

ECC now has a self-guided online workshop for improving your time management skills. It covers such topics as goal-setting, calculating your use of time, building effective schedules and creating useful to-do lists.  You can enroll yourself now at the Registration Office in B105.  The course is GSS 101-300.

Wow, just wow

This is a great story of a young woman getting her college degree despite a lot of obstacles. Dominican University grad Cristal Ortega's story is truly inspirational. First to graduate college 

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