University of Illinois Fall Applications

If you are hoping to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this fall, you'll need to apply by March 1st.  Apply today!



We asked you to "lend a helping hand" and tell us what motivates you to stay in college and you guys rocked it!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Illinois’s Public Universities

Check out two great resources on Illinois's public universities by visiting this site.  See which majors they have, compare the cost of attending various schools, get contact information, admission deadlines, and more!

Sorting through transfer schools

There will be 150 colleges at College Night from 6-8pm on October 3rd, but how do you sort through them and figure out which ones you want to be sure to check out?  Conduct a college search!  You can search by several aspects including location, cost, major, sports, and clubs.  Or you can look at... Continue Reading →

Sample Plans for Majors

Do you want to transfer to a university and have a major in mind, but no particular school yet?  Or are you wondering what kinds of courses are required for various majors?  On our website we have sample transfer plans to give you a better idea of what courses are normally required for different transfer... Continue Reading →

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