College is a journey from potential to expertise, high school to work, curious to worldly, wobbling to soaring and “I know” to “Wow, I had no idea!”  It’s a mysterious land where the path isn’t always marked well.  Indeed, everyone there seems to be on a different path and the crisscrossing can make you dizzy!

I’m Carrie Gorr, Academic Advisor at Elgin Community College and I help students navigate the college landscape.  I’ve created this blog to help my advisees learn more about ECC and events and services designed to help you thrive in college and complete your goals.

I named this blog “Getting There” because some of you are preparing for a career after you leave ECC, some are planning to transfer to a university, others are updating job skills and still others are taking courses for personal fulfillment. What you all have in common is that you’re trying to get somewhere from where you are now.

I hope the information I provide here will help you on your journey through college as well as connect you with other resources.  You can either read the articles posted on the homepage or you can use the menu tabs to look at posts on particular topics. If there are other topics you’d like to see covered, please let me know.  You are dynamic people and it is my privilege to try to keep up with you!

Carrie Gorr, M.S.Ed., LPC                                                                                                                                 Academic Advisor, Elgin Community College


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